How the disabled dog with inverted paws got lucky

Dog in a wheelchair

An Eye Opener On Dog Disabilities

A disabled dog also deserves a better life and finds a forever home. Sadly, these disadvantaged dogs are ignored or taken for granted due to their imperfections.

  • There are several disabilities that a puppy could get.
  • It could be congenital, or it could be due to an accident.
  • Puppies with disabilities find it more difficult to get adopted than those who are “normal”.

Even a dog or puppy with disabilities deserve a forever home

Unlike humans, who are born into a loving family most of the time, puppies are more often than not subject to rehoming. However, the process of looking for a new owner or a new home can be more difficult when the puppy has a disability, special need, or birth defect.

dog at the vet in the surgery preparation room
If only they could talk

The inspiring story of Siggi, the rat terrier

One very inspiring story on puppy disability is that of a rat terrier named Siggi. She was born with a rare defect on her elbows, causing her lower limb to rotate at 180 degrees. As a result, her front paws are upside-down. Walking was of course challenging for her at first. Good thing she got overflowing love and support from humans around her.  Her treatment and rehabilitation at the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine was a success. Check out the video below on how the Dallas Dog Rescue Center helped Siggi.

Pets with disabilities can provide lots of love and more

Not all puppies with defects, congenital or acquired, are fortunate enough. Some do not have access to dog owners who have the same compassion (and resources) to help their pets. This can be due to expensive surgeries that are involved. Nevertheless, these disadvantaged pooches have a lot of love to give and they deserve the same affection as any other pet. They can show you how to view the world in a different light. You might even discover a whole new side of yourself that you never knew existed.

Things to consider when adopting a dog with special needs

Like everything else in life, you should make an informed decision before diving into this bigger responsibility. Make sure you are ready and willing to accept the demands, challenges, and special requirements that a disabled dog entails. Moreover,  having a special furry friend should also fit your lifestyle and circumstances. There are several animal shelters or rescue centers such as Pets with Disabilities organization. They can help special needs dogs find their forever home. Additionally, they can also work with dog owners who have pets with special needs.

It can be challenging yet rewarding at the same time. You are making a difference in a dog’s life. Add to that, you would definitely reap the benefits of doing a good deed seven-fold!

disabled dog sitting on the beach
See the world in a different light

What to do or how do you know if a dog is disabled?

  • Watch out for possible early signs and symptoms from your pets.
  • Get them checked by a local veterinarian immediately if something seems off.
  • Reciprocate the unconditional love that they give us. Our presence means more than the world to them than any medical interventions combined.