How Old Is A Dog In Human Years?

How can you tell the age of your dog in human years?

It can be hard to gauge the age of your dogs if they were adopted or rescued. Watch the video below for tips on how to determine if a dog is young or old.

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How Old Is My Dog?

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Dog owners usually don’t think about it much, but their dog’s health is one thing that they should be always mindful of.

– Every dog has different needs.
– Dog owners should address these needs in order to ensure a healthier and happier dog.
– Even a dog’s age is very different than any other animal.

There are so many things that you need to know about your pet dog. You could know their individual attitude, what food they like or dislike, and even their favorite music. The most important thing that you should know about them, however, is their body’s health.


Dogs mature faster than most animals, even faster than humans – way faster than humans! To be more specific, it was believed that they age around seven times faster.  Dogs (more so the large ones) age faster than humans due to their faster metabolism. In addition, their hearts also work harder than our own. This alone is enough reason why you should make the most of your time with your pet dogs.

There is a biological reason for this. It lies in the very genes of dogs, which makes their body’s health more at risk especially as they age. According to NIH research, there is a new formula (which is more complex than the multiply by seven computation) to calculate your furry friend’s age in correlation to human years.

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