Here’s Why Dogs Roll in the Grass

tricolor dog lying and rolling in the grass

Ever wonder why you see your dogs roll in the grass? Watch the video and read more information below to find out the reasons for this doggy behavior.

Table of Contents

Why Do Dogs Roll Around In The Grass Video

Mask or Leave Behind Doggy Scents

Conceal to Hunt

Express Happiness or Playfulness

Get Rid of Dirt or An Itch

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With the wind in their faces and the softness of the grass all around them, it’s no wonder dogs love rolling in the grass.

Here are the reasons why:

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Dogs Roll in the Grass to:

Mask or leave behind doggy scents

Dogs can pick up all sorts of scents remarkably well due to their strong sense of smell. As a matter of fact, their noses are quite powerful compared to ours. Moreover, dogs roll around in the grass to pick up a scent, cover other odors or leave behind their scents to mark their territory.

Conceal to hunt

According to research, the ancestors of dogs originated from a domesticated wild gray wolf. The modern dogs we know now may be friendly, generally tame, and domesticated. But as direct descendants of wolves, they may have picked up a trait that makes them disguise their scent to hunt for prey. This holds particularly true for hunting dog breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, Bloodhound, and Beagle.

happy dog playing

Express happiness or playfulness

Most often dogs find grass rolling fun and satisfying. As dogs generally love the outdoors, it can be their way of saying they are happy to be outside, bask in the sun, and feel the softness and lusciousness of the grass. Aside from running around, dogs also show their playful side when they eagerly roll around in the grass. You can see their tails wagging as they enjoy the experience of being with nature.

Get rid of dirt or an itch

Although they have paws and legs, dogs are unable to reach certain parts of their bodies such as their backs. As a result, they wipe themselves on the grass or any textured surface to get cleaned or relieve an itch. As your tail-wagging friends love being outside, ensure they have the proper protection against fleas or ticks.

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