Guard Dog awarded Order of Merit?

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What makes a dog a guard dog?

Dogs are usually perceived as cute, cuddly, and commonly suitable as pets for homes. As a matter of fact, they are. However, that is not the only reason why people simply adore them. A guard dog is trained to protect and keep their owners away from danger such as aggressive intruders.

What else is amazing about guard dogs?

  • The most loyal animals on Earth are dogs!
  • Their loyalty can be used for security services because they tend to be very protective of their owners and people in need.
  • When trained properly, dogs can do amazing things in the line of duty.

It is a given fact that dog owners love their dogs specifically for one thing  — their ability to protect their owner and the owner’s property. Dogs are wary of strangers and will protect their owners against any type of danger. Be that as it may, dogs are not just limited to domestic duties. Aside from their aversion to strangers, these dominant, territorial, and loyal canines are very much capable of performing professional work as well!

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Don’t come any closer or I will bite

Does the Secret Service have dogs? What dog breed do they have?

Specially trained dogs help the Secret Service protect the President and the White House. German Shepherds used to hold the prestige of being a part of the K-9 Division. However, due to their work dedication, resilience, and agility to adapt to new environments and situations, Belgian Malinois has become the current dog breed of choice for the K-9  Division of the Secret Service. Considered as one of the most protective dogs in the world, these special dogs, along with their handlers, undergo rigorous training to ensure they are fully ready to work together and to be rightfully deserving to be part of the Secret Service.

Hurricane, the amazing secret service guard dog

This is a paw-some heroic story, as told by Marshal Mirarchi who is a former USSS Special Operations Canine Handler. Mirarchi narrated his special bond and the wonderful experiences he had with Hurricane, a now-retired secret service dog. They had been working together as part of the presidential security unit for four years. Mirarchi emphasizes how important the role of the canine unit is, and how tedious the training of these dogs can be. Right from the start, it is not an easy process to select that one dog who can “match” with its handler. For Hurricane, it was a perfect match with Mirarchi right from the start.

In the year 2014, it was historical when Hurricane was able to stop an intruder from entering the White House and inflicting harm to President Obama and his family. Truly, the scene was not like anything they saw during their training. Despite taking all the blows from a 200-pound man, Hurricane, one of the most highly trained dogs in the world, had put his life on the line and managed to fight off the suspect.

😠Intruders Beware! World’s Toughest Guard Dogs🐕

Dogs are willing to do whatever they can to keep their owners safe. Because of their loyalty, exceptional skills, and strong work ethics, these amazing canines definitely deserve the honor of their unending commitment and outstanding service.