Cute Golden Retriever Eat Metal Fork – Tragedy Happened?

A small dog will pretty much eat ANYTHING that it sees! – Even a fork!

– Puppies can get naughty sometimes.
– Every dog owner knows that a puppy would put anything in its mouth.
– Chewing is but a part of a puppy’s daily routine, but this activity could be dangerous for them!

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What could be the most dangerous thing that a puppy could chew on? The answers can vary – a live wire could electrocute them, sure… but a metal fork could puncture their intestine and make them bleed on the inside. There is no remedy for this, remember that metals are not soluble… so the only way to get it out is through surgery.

This is exactly what happened to a 5-month-old dog named Dustin, golden retriever. Apparently, due to his playful nature, he bit off more than he could ever chew! This time, it was an entire fork… which of course ended up in his stomach.

The owners had no choice but to submit their puppy in major surgery because there was no other way to get the utensil out of its body without causing more danger or imposing more risk.

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