Golden Retriever Dog Escape

golden retriever dog escape running

Why does a dog escape? Several reasons can be attributed to why dogs love to wander off and be free. As a matter of fact, dogs jumping over fences or digging under fences are common issues associated with having a dog. However, there are different ways to prevent dogs from escaping or running away.

Table of Contents:

The Great Dog Escape

Why Do Dogs Escape and Run Away?

Ways to Keep Pets Safe

How to Prevent Dogs From Escaping Fences

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The Great Dog Escape

This is not the first time Ralph, a sneaky golden retriever, ran away to go on a solo adventure. In fact, he even went to a cafe before with his sister without being noticed by their owners! This tail-wagging dog surely loved exploring on his own. Watch as Ralph managed to ride the train alongside commuters and reached several stations before he was returned to his owners who were unaware of his escapades. Talk about the great dog escape!

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Why Do Dogs Escape and Run Away?

Boredom and curiosity are some of the reasons dogs keep on escaping or tend to run away. Additionally, dogs can also feel lonely after being left alone for a long time or they have a lot of energy that needed to be released. This can be due to the absence or lack of dog toys or other dog friends to keep them occupied and entertained. On the other hand, some dogs could just slip away for the fun of it. After all, there are dog breeds that are incredibly smart and love challenges. For this reason, our cheeky friends could resort to finding ways to sneak out and explore the world. thinking of dog escape
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Ways to Keep Pets Safe

Make sure your dog has enough toys to keep them busy for a while especially when you will leave them alone for several hours every day.

Keep your house secure and make sure your smart dog could not find a way to escape. Dog proofing such as setting up pet safety gates or closing all doors/gates can also serve as additional security measures and prevent dogs from escaping the fence.; dog near the gate and about to escape
Secure gate to keep in sneaky dog

Set a time each day to walk your dog. This would allow your furry friend to explore his surroundings with supervision and serve as his daily exercise as well.

How to Prevent Dogs from Escaping Fences

If you are concerned about your dog getting out of the fence, you can use a Pet Tracker for dogs which can help you monitor your pet’s location. Aside from that, the Smart Activity Tracker can also create virtual fence alerts in case your pet wanders off.

gps tracker for dogs to prevent dog escape and alert dog owners if their pet wanders offwireless pet fence to prevent dog escape and keep dogs safe

Another option is a special dog harness that can stop your sneaky pet from escaping through the gaps. For additional security, you can also make set up a wireless pet fence to keep your dog safe.

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Dogs can resort to doing all sorts of things and escape when given the chance. That is why it is imperative for dog owners to understand their pets’ behavior and ensure they are safe and protected especially when they are away. This holds especially true for dogs who have the tendencies to escape. Having a dog escape prevention system at home can ensure dog owners can have peace of mind and limit the chance of their sneaky dogs getting away.