8 Reasons Why We Adore German Shepherd Puppies (Video)

German shepherd puppy siting

Here are 8 reasons why German Shepherd puppies are simply the cutest and funniest dog breeds

Life is better when you have adorable German Shepherd puppies as pets. They are a curious and playful bunch. You can’t help but smile at their everyday antics. Definitely, no day is the same.

1. They love to chase and have a bite at everything that moves

You would not be able to sweep the floor in peace if your German Shepherd pup is around. Wherever you go or move the broom, your curious pet will definitely follow and watch it like a hawk. Not only that, but it would also try to grab and bite the broom with all its might. You would be lucky if you manage to sweep without missing a spot or finish sweeping at all! Give them some chew toys to keep them preoccupied while you do the chores.

2. They will hold your water bottle for you

You have your official water bottle carrier. Although it would not be certain if you can get it back in one piece.

3.  The adorable sounds they make when they are trying to say something

It can be hard sometimes to decipher what they are trying to tell us but you can tell from their body language that they are not very happy (with the cat on the table).

4. They love splashing around in the water (then run like crazy)

It’s like they are attempting to catch a fish or maybe they like how the water moves and makes sounds. When they’ve had enough, these pooches with short attention span will just do a mad dash away and then go back as if nothing happened.

german shepherd puppy running

5. How they tell you not to disturb or take videos of them

They would tell you decisively if they want some privacy. All they want is to keep their stuffed toys for themselves, enjoy them in peace and away from your prying eyes.

6. They love playing with other dogs

Such friendly pups, they get along with other pets (including cats).

7. Their love and hate relationship with cats is amusingly cute

Sometimes they like cats, but sometimes they don’t. But either way, their reaction, and behavior around cats can be fascinating to watch.

8. They are fascinated with the squeaking sound of their toys

Give them a squeaky toy and that will keep them busy for a while.


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Fun Facts:

  • Different smells in a dog’s urine can tell other dogs whether the dog leaving the “message” is female or male, old or young, sick or healthy, happy or angry.
  • To be able to drink, dogs dip their tongue straight into the water, turn it backward and shovel the water down their throat. They have this way of drinking which is similar to cats.