Funny Dog Videos to Brighten Your Day

If you are looking for funny dog videos to brighten your day and keep you laughing, watch the video compilation below.

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Why do Dogs Make us Laugh?

5 Reasons Why Humans Watch Funny Dog Videos

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Why do dogs make us laugh?

We can all learn from man’s best friend. It is safe to say that dogs make us laugh by being themselves. Moreover, our tail-wagging friends live a carefree life filled with vigor and curiosity. Other than that, they are naturally funny and adorable plus their view of the world is so much different than ours. For this reason, humans are in awe of their ability to always live in wonder. Anything that moves or is new to these furry animals is a surefire way to make them question its existence. Furthermore, watching their cute reactions is definitely priceless!

But why do humans love watching these charming canines? Here are some of the reasons behind this fascination.


close up brown dog mouth open showing teeth and tongue for funny dog videos

5 Reasons Why Humans Watch Funny Dog Videos


Youtube has endless funny dog videos to make you laugh. In fact, you can spend hours watching nonstop videos of dogs doing all sorts of things. As a result, these will surely keep you laughing your heart out. Normally, people watch these hilarious videos when they want to be entertained or keep themselves occupied while waiting or being stuck in traffic.

Stress Relief

Watching funny dog videos can also be good for your health as laughter can reduce anxiety or depression and generally make you feel good.

funny dog lying on the floor funtime

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Laughter Prescription: Funny Dog Videos

Ever heard of “Laughter is the best medicine”? Not only is laughter free, but it also provides positive physiological benefits as well.

Happy and Positive Emotions

When your screen is filled with endless photos and videos of adorable and funny pooches, you cannot help but be tickled pink. Looking at cute dogs and puppies without a doubt gives you that sense of happiness and giggly feelings. Everyone wants to be happy with dogs. In fact, who does not want to be as happy as a dog?