Frozen Raw Meat – A Big NO For Pet Dogs!

There’s a new trend that’s taking over the pet care industry by storm, but veterinarians and scientists do not approve of this at all!

– Not everything that’s popular is good.
– For pet care, the rule “just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it right” always applies.
– Pet owners need to do their own research when it comes to good health practices of their pets.

You probably heard about it, or maybe one of your friends are doing it, and you are not sure if it is good or not. The next question is, did you do your own research to answer all your questions?

Scientists have seen the rise of this new trend in dog health, where owners feed RAW MEAT to their dog, thinking that this will benefit their fur loves more. However, veterinarians are quick to object.

After several experiments and researches, experts found that a raw diet for a dog brings nothing but bad news. The primary reason is that these raw meats are very attractive to disease-causing microorganisms, which is very dangerous to be ingested by our pets.

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