Is New York Running Out of Dogs to Foster?

The world has recently seen a lot of supplies shortages – but never of this kind!

– During pandemics, different kinds of shortages can be experienced.
– There was news about toilet paper and face mask shortages worldwide.
– Now, New York City is experiencing a different kind of shortage.

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One of the things that New Yorkers are getting their hands on during this quarantine season is a pet dog. You read that right! More and more people in the big city are opening their doors to a new member of the family. Foster dogs everywhere in the city have been adopted and there are even some more who are waiting for the next availability.

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Foster dogs are running low and it’s considered a shortage since the demand is still higher than what can be accommodated.

What do you think are the reasons why there’s a sudden increase in the adoption of pet dogs everywhere?

Analysts think that it’s due to the reason that people have more time in their hands and a pet would definitely help keep them busy while staying home. Dogs are also the perfect companion for anyone, so it’s undeniable that they are the first pet of choice for most families.

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