5 Weird Things Dogs Do Everyday

weird things dogs do such as sniffing another dog's butt

Weird Things Dogs Love To Do

Do dogs love to do weird things that make dog owners scratch their heads and wonder? Okay, let’s face it, dogs do things that are strange for humans. But the fact that they are adorably cute,  you can’t help but love them despite their quirkiness, right?

  • A lot of dog owners have noticed common things about their dogs.
  • Behaviors such as butt smelling is probably one of the weirdest habit that dogs love to do!
  • There is actually a scientific explanation for why dogs love to do this.

Dogs can’t talk, obviously. So their only way of communicating with us is through their body language. You can see them wag their tails, jump up and down, and even sniff things — a lot of things.

Sniff and greet

1. Dogs sniffing each other’s butts

In fact, one of their favorite things to do is smelling butts – human butts, or even dog butts! We find it weird sometimes, but scientists have proven that there’s a good reason behind this “weird” mannerism and that we should just let them be whenever we catch them doing such unusual acts. According to Britannica, this is the science behind the butt-sniffing habit of dogs.

Whenever dogs do these things, they are actually trying to either understand something (or someone) new to them, or they are trying to send a message or a greeting. So in this case, when dogs smell each others’ butts, that’s their way of saying “hello” and getting to know each other. So the next time you see your dog sniff someone’s or another dog’s butt, don’t you worry. In their dog language, that’s absolutely NORMAL.

jack russell terrier puppy eating grass
Gotta have fiber

2. Dogs eating grass

You let your dog out in the garden and suddenly you see it munching grass. You ask yourself – should you stop your pooch from eating grass? Don’t fret, it is normal dog behavior for your pet. Several reasons for this habit may include improving digestion or fulfilling a nutritional need (in this case, fiber). If your dog starts to vomit or have frequent diarrhea after eating grass, immediately pay a visit to a local veterinarian who can easily treat their upset stomach.

one of the weird things dogs do is eating their own poop
Another way of cleaning up

3. Dogs eating their own poop

Humans may definitely gross-out with this behavior but eating poop is a common habit for dogs and puppies. It can be harmless for puppies to eat their own feces but eating poop of other animals (such as cats) may cause serious health problems.

Here are some steps to undertake to keep your dog from dining on its own stool:

  • Always keep the dog’s section clean. Immediately tidy up after the dog poops.
  • Promptly scoop the dog’s business during walks or visits to parks.
  • Focus on training your dog or puppy to leave the poop.
  • If living with a cat, keep the cat’s litter box out of reach of the dog.
  • Don’t forget to provide positive reinforcement so your pooch remembers to do the right thing.
dogs do weird things such as this puppy dragging his bottom on the sand
Get that itch

4. Dogs dragging their butts on the floor

Why do dogs scoot?  Pet owners may find it amusing to see them drag their bottoms on the floor, ground, or grass, but it normally means something is irritating them or causing discomfort. There can be underlying problems such as anal sac issues or fecal contamination. Other than that, they can also be simply cleaning up their bottoms.

How do you get your dogs to stop scooting? Make sure you give your dog a well-balanced and nutritious diet so they can pass stool easily. Add fiber to your pet’s diet and encourage an increase in water intake by always providing fresh clean water.

5. Dogs chasing their own tails

Is it normal for dogs to chase their own tails? Dogs purely like to have fun and tail-chasing can serve as entertainment for your furry animal.

It may look weird for humans when dogs do these things but rest assured that they are relatively normal in the dog world. Just let them do what they have to do. If pet owners are concerned about such behaviors, follow the steps and work hard to train your dogs or puppies to keep them from establishing bad habits.