First Toy Poodle Police Dog In Training

toy poodle police dog in training

A police dog in training, small but cute

Apparently, size does not matter as Hannah, a toy poodle just proved that a dog as cute and tiny as she can train to become a police dog and stand in the ranks of big dogs in the police force. As a matter of fact, the Okayama Prefectural Police has appointed Hannah to be one of the police dogs to assist in investigating crimes and searching for missing persons. Her exceptional sniffing abilities have helped her land the coveted title of being the first toy poodle to become an honorary member of the police department.

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The story of Hannah the toy poodle

The 2.5-kilogram pooch’s owner Masae Inoue also has another dog, a Labrador retriever named Hershey that had been undergoing police dog training for civilians since 2018. As a result, Hannah witnessed and picked up the skills as Hershey was doing his regular training. Inoue tested the pint-sized dog to try sniffing and following the scent given to her to track. To her surprise and amazement, Hannah managed to perform all the tasks. Apparently, the small canine had been watching the big dog’s every move and easily grasped what to do.

A toy poodle may not be a popular choice for a police dog but Hannah has broken the barriers and proved that a diminutive dog like her can accomplish big things as well. So if you are considering training your dog to be a police dog or simply to provide your pet a mental stimulation, here are some accessories that can assist you with the dog training.

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