Why You Should Exercise With Dogs

senior woman and senior man laughing while walking their dog on the streets

Exercise with dogs provides a lot of benefits for your pet and for your own well-being. Does taking care of a pet have an effect on your own health? Studies have revealed that owning a dog actually can improve one’s health.

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– Dogs need plenty of exercises, prompting their owners to exercise also.
– Exercise lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma, and allergies.
– People living alone with a dog have a greater chance of living a longer life than those who don’t.

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At the Uppsala University of Sweden, researchers reviewed 3.4 million Swedish people, from 40-80 years old in 2001 who had no prior cardiovascular disease and observed their health records for around 12 years.

They discovered that dog owners had a lower chance of death by cardiovascular disease and decreased allergies and asthma in children. People living alone with a dog had an 11% lower risk of heart disease and a 33% lower risk of death than those living alone without a dog.

It could also be possible that those who chose to have dogs may just be more active and live a healthy lifestyle to start with. Taking care of dogs, especially retrievers, scent hounds, and terriers encourage owners to stay active.

According to Spruce Pets, there are 5 ways people can exercise with dogs


Dogs love walking. As a matter of fact, your dog would always look forward to walking to a park or just around the neighborhood. Be patient and let your furry friend sniff around because that is their way of discovering what is going on in the world.


Running is another way of exercise to try. Some dogs such as the Jack Russell Terrier love to run and this would be a way for your active pet to release all those balls of energy. When introducing running to your puppy or dog for the first time, be sure to start at a slow pace then slowly gain traction as you go. Always check with your tail-wagging friends to see if they can keep up and do not forget to take short breaks.


For people who love nature and the outdoors, hiking would be their choice of exercise with dogs. Unlike normal walks, the track can be long and will provide more things for your sniffing expert to see and smell. Make sure to hike on a cooler day and bring plenty of water for proper hydration.


Swimming would be the perfect fit for dogs who love the water. However, if your furbaby does not know how to swim yet does not mind the water, you can teach him. Make use of a dog life jacket made for swimming.


There are some dogs that can be attached with a leash to your bike. Take it slowly at first and either let your pet set the pace or try to adjust your speed so your doggie friend can keep up.

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