Euthanasia Rates at Animal Shelters Have Really Plummeted?

Usually, lost dogs are sent to the city dog pound and their fate may not be that good thereafter.

– Dogs that have no owner, either by accident or by choice, are left in a city pound.
– These dogs usually end up either being adopted or euthanized.
– Either way, their fate is not favorable for them.

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For the past few years, the euthanasia rate in New York has been declining. This is due to the fact that more and more people are taking an interest in adopting these homeless dogs. This is good news, according to dog advocates, since it means that there is a better life for orphaned dogs.

Animals who have been abandoned are usually difficult to re-home, especially when they are already adults, but lately, more and more homes are opening their doors and hearts to these dogs… thus, resulting in fewer euthanized dogs in the city.

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