Can We Learn From European Dog Culture?

Every city has a culture that makes it unique from the rest. What is Europe famous for?

– Aside from the tourist spots, Europe also has a unique culture when it comes to pets.
– Europeans are raising and training their pets with a completely different mindset.
– You can really see the huge difference once you travel to the two countries and compare.

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It’s not necessarily a problem, but American dogs really do behave far differently than European dogs do. Try to ask anybody who has been to both countries and you will find out that the way dogs are treated and the way dogs move within the two cities can really be distinguishable.

If you ask why the answer may lay on the fact that there are different cultures as to how pet owners raise their dogs in Europe as compared to how Americans raise their pets in the United States.

For one, animals in Europe seem more independent than in any other place in the world. This is because they are so used to public spaces that they are no longer intimidated or constrained when they are out in places where there are many people.

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