Empty Animal Shelters – Why?

Who would have thought that quarantine will bring out the animal lover in us?

– Family members are staying home for longer hours these days.
– Staying at home has made people realize the importance of having a pet.
– Animal shelters are getting empty as the pet adoption rate increases rapidly over time.

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Pets are important members of the family. Although they are often overlooked and most times, left at home all alone all day long, they always wait on their owners to come home in the afternoon or late at night to give their warm welcoming hug and to relieve their owners from a stressful day.

This quarantine is a different story. Since most family members are staying home, people are realizing that a pet or two can certainly liven up the home atmosphere a whole lot more!

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As a result, animal shelters are reportedly experiencing one of the rare times when it becomes empty and has run out of orphan dogs. This is good news indeed! Dogs are getting absorbed into loving homes and are definitely taken care of because owners are home most times.

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