How to groom dog ( Video )

Is there an easy way to groom a dog? Every dog owner wants to keep their pet dogs clean and groomed.

– Dog grooming is one of the most challenging tasks.
– Dog owners would agree that cutting nails is dreaded by both pet and owner.
– There’s actually a good way to make it A WHOLE LOT easier for your pet and for you.

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How to groom a dog

If you are like most dog owners, you already know now what dogs love the most — PEANUT BUTTER!

Dogs simply can’t resist these sticky things. They would lick it all day long if given the chance… So why not take this given fact to favor you when cutting your dog’s nails?

That’s right!

Peanut butter could be the secret weapon all along to keep pet dogs still, for a very long time. Dogs can be impatient, but with the right “offer”, they could stay put… and this “offer” has to be a tasty treat of peanut butter.

Peanut butter is sold at a cheap price in supermarkets, so it isn’t that difficult to buy one for your pet – especially if it means that you’ll have an easier time keeping them clean and groomed!

Dog grooming is good for skin and hair

The dog fur is a health barometer: If it’s shiny, the dog is usually shiny too. Dull, scaly fur usually indicates a deficiency, and for this reason alone you should take regular and intensive care of your dog’s skin and hair.

Depending on the coat, you should comb and brush your dog once a week. Some breeds also need to be shorn or trimmed regularly. With grooming, you can detect changes early on and avoid the matting of the coat. Dry your pet well in rainy weather and don’t be afraid to give him a bath as needed.

With the right shampoo and in bulk, this is also a boon for skin, hair, and dog. Regardless of the breed and coat texture, coat care is extremely important for the well-being and health of your four-legged friend. If you neglect it, it can lead to tangles, skin problems, and dangerous diseases.