Dogs taking a school bus to dog daycare

close up of a dog driving a school bus going to dog day care

Dogs going to and from dog daycare on a school bus?

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Dogs on a School Bus to Dog Daycare

My Dog is My Child

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Daycare

Doggy Bus Ride: Extra Bonus!

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Dogs on a School Bus to Dog Daycare

When you see a school bus you would think it would be full of loud chatter of children. But in this scenario, it is full of tail-wagging and furry animals. The only thing they have in common is both of them are going to daycare. Though in this case, it is doggy daycare. Watch the video to find out more about the adventures of these fur babies.

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Ethan started his dog boarding and daycare business in 2019. Back then, only makeshift buses (cargo vans) were their means of transport to fetch and take his doggy clients home. But the idea of getting a real school bus has always been the main request of dog owners. When it finally became a reality, the doggy bus became such a hit. The spacious and comfortable seats can easily fit fifteen to twenty dogs. What is more interesting is that these pups totally adore being picked up by the school bus. Once they hear the familiar sound, the excited canines would run as fast as they could and hop onto the steps. As clique as it may sound, having besties and sitting next to each other is always what the pooches are looking forward to each day. Add to that, the boarding school has plenty of space for them to play outside for hours. In addition, loads of dog toys, bubbles, balls, and water play are also available to keep them entertained all day.

My Dog is My Child

If you ask dog owners, their tail-wagging pals are special members of their families. As a matter of fact, some if not all consider them as their children. It is no wonder that their humans do not treat them differently. Just like human children, pets such as dogs deserve love, care, and attention. And this extraordinary relationship has its perks as well. Every day is filled with lots of wet kisses and fluffy cuddles. You never feel alone as well since your dog would be like your shadow, constantly by your side. Most importantly, these tail-wagging friends will love you unconditionally no matter what.

close up of a dog being hugged by female owner wearing white and red stripes

For this reason, their human friends will do anything to keep them safe and well cared for. This especially holds true when dog owners are working long hours or going on a trip away from home. As a result, this is the part wherein the paw-some dog daycare comes in.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Dog Daycare

Not all dog day centers are alike so do your research.  Make sure your chosen animal daycare provides the best dog care and that the dog daycare activities are well suited for the personality and taste of your tail-wagging friend. Without a doubt, your furry friend will always be looking forward to going to the doggy daycare and will surely get excited during dog playtime.  In addition, when looking for the best daycare for dogs doggy daycare costs should also be considered as well as the dog care facilities and amenities being offered.

close up of school bus for dog daycare

Doggy Bus Ride: Extra Bonus!

Taking dogs to ride a school bus to get to and from the dog daycare is such an exciting idea (for the dogs, that is). For sure man’s best friends are always looking forward each day to start their adventures. If only our furry babies could talk, pretty sure they will have lots of stories to tell about their daily activities at the doggy daycare.