What Makes Dogs So Obedient?

Obedience is one thing that dogs are really good at. In fact, obedience is one thing that makes dogs perfect pets and home companions. They also make great service animals.

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– People think that dogs can understand that’s why they follow commands.
– There are some who are skeptical about the idea that dogs can understand human language.
– Science tries to explain the reality of dog comprehension.

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How do you usually communicate with your dogs?

As owners, it is usually common to think and assume that dogs can understand what they are saying. This makes them talk to their dogs in a normal manner, simply like talking with another human. However, there is no established research that states that dogs are in fact capable of understanding the human language.

Some of the most common things that we say to our dogs and that they commonly hear from us are phrases like β€œno”, β€œcome”, β€œsit”, β€œeat”, β€œfetch”, and maybe an occasional β€œshoo”. Most times, we may notice that they are able to follow the command very well. We are pleased with this moment. It is indeed not just a coincidence that dogs seem to be able to consistently follow commands because more and more research is backing up the idea that dogs are good in comprehension and can in fact understand words more than what we think they can.