How To Adjust Your Dog’s Routine To Purely Indoors

ALL dogs, in general, are outgoing animals. They just love the walks in the parks.

The Dog Trainer In Training writes in the comments:
Omg this is my first time watching you and I love you already?It’s super rainy today, my dog loved this!

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– What happens when dogs are not allowed to go out?
– How do they adjust to a new routine, if it is changed abruptly?
– How can you help them adust, as pet owners, what are important things to remember?

There really comes a time when dogs are required to stay indoors – like when the weather outside is terrible – extreme heat or extreme cold or if there’s a hurricane or flooding… or if there is an on-going quarantine!

Whatever the reason may be, there might really come a time when your dogs are bound to stay indoor and you are left to wonder – what happens to their routine that you have trained for them to get used to for months even years?!

The answer is simple, there are ways to keep those routines in the best way possible – but it needs a lot of work (TEAMWORK, that is), and it may take another adjustment period for your pet to get used to this new routine, without unlearning what he already knows in the past.

Here are some practical tips –