Are Dogs Lifesavers During Crises?

One of the most difficult things to do during a worldwide pandemic is to stay emotionally stable.

– Every now and then, a crisis is bound to hit us.
– Sometimes, the crisis could be a personal one.
– Lately, the world is suffering from a common crisis that we are all not familiar with.

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A crisis is something that we never expect, nor hope, to come to us. Every now and then, people get into a certain crisis – most times, an emotional crisis is far worse than a financial crisis.

Right now, for example, the whole world is under a pandemic. With the uncertainties of sailing through this unchartered water that everyone is cruising through every day of the quarantine season, dogs become our best ally when it comes to staying home — and staying sane.

Foster pets, according to a survey, are gaining more and more popularity with families who want to enjoy their warm and fury company during this trying time. This is also good for pets everywhere as they are earning new families and staying away from the streets while there is health hazard lurking everywhere.

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