Whats The Secret Dogs Are Less Sick Than Humans

Dogs rarely contract diseases that are common to humans.

– Doctors recommend that if you want to increase your immunity, you have to own a dog.
– Owning a dog is good for humans because dogs offer so many health benefits.
– Aside from this, dogs are generally healthier and less likely to get sick than their owner.

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How many times in a year does your dog get sick?

Have you noticed that dogs are usually the last member of the household to go down with a fever?

This is all because a dog’s immunity is far stronger than ours. Amidst the great exposure that they have in the outdoor – where they usually play around with no care at all – they still don’t easily catch any diseases because this exposure has made their immunity stronger!

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That’s why, when owners play with their dogs, there’s a big chance that the pet owner’s immunity will at the same time get strong as well! This is good news, and this actually makes owning a dog a favorable hobby for small children.

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