Dogs Have Better Immune System Than Us

Dogs jump and lay down anywhere, outside or inside the house. What keeps them strong and healthy?

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– Being a dog is not an easy role.
– All-day long these dogs are on the ground and exposed to so many possible infections.
– They are unable to wash when they need to and they can’t tell us if they are not feeling well.

Dogs roam around the house all day long sniffing anything and bitting almost everything that comes their way. They can have not much water intake all take long, not adequate vitamins, and have interrupted sleep even… yet these dogs can still manage to be in a healthier state than their owners. Healthier state meaning that they are unaffected by any diseases that are lurking around. They remain free from infection.

Of course, this could be all due to the fact that dogs and humans have a far different genetic build up from each other, thus making them susceptible to different types of diseases in a different way and level.

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