Why Dogs And Humans Have This Special Bond?

Dogs, they say, have feelings too…

– A dog was rescued by a firefighter in Main.
– The dog and its rescuer were photographed during the rescue, and it went viral.
– In the photo, it looked like the dog was β€œkissing” its rescuer.

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A dog was trapped on the second floor of its home in Wells, Maine. Without a second thought, a firefighter goes up to rescue the poor dog. As it appeared, the dog looked terrified of its current predicament.

While the rescue operation was on-going, when the firefighter reached the dog and was retrieving it to safe ground, a bystander was able to snap a photo of the dog moving for what appeared was a β€œkiss” in dog language.

The photo of the dog in distress reaching out to β€œkiss” its rescuer went viral in an instant. Many people argue if animals have feelings or not. What about you what do you think?

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Read the full article about this extraordinary rescue in this article – https://www.sciencenews.org.