Dog Domestication Evolution

It’s proven! Dogs, pretty much like every other animal, are evolving!

– This isn’t about Darwin’s theory, don’t worry.
– The evolution isn’t even that obvious – well unless you are a keen observer.
– The changes also took some time, so current dog owners are not supposed to see that much difference!

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If you’re wondering that is it that your pet dog – and all other dogs in the world – are evolving into… the answer is simple… they are evolving into a domesticated animal with eyes that are more caring and tender than ever!

According to scientists, dog eyes are becoming more and more gentle-looking overtime. This all started since dogs became a household pet for decades ago. Slowly, their needs to hunt began to subside, thus their eyes no longer need to be scary.

Those eyes that you love looking at you oh so gently are actually eyes that are fierce and scary ages ago, during their ancestral history.

But now, thanks to evolution, dogs’ eyes are the most adorable of all!

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