Can Dogs Really Feel Emotions Too?

Dogs… we know they love us, but are we sure they are capable of feeling?

– Those puppy eyes that our dogs give us can really be very convincing.
– Dog owners tend to assume that their dogs love them with no evidence about it.
– How do we really know if our dogs are capable of feelings?

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A dog’s eyes can be very expressive. In fact, even their eyebrows can give away what they feel when they look at us. Whether they are afraid, happy, worried, or even hungry.

Why do we conclude these things?

It’s because we relate this to how we move our own bodies too. Humans think that human gestures are equivalent and true to dog gestures. That’s why when our dogs gaze at us with wide eyes – we tend to think they are looking at us lovingly – because that’s how we would look at them if we love them.

A simple experiment was done to test how dogs really feel about humans and it even reveals a closer look at how it feels like to be an actual dog!

Find out what the result is by reading this article –