Will DOGS Make GOOD City Mayor? FIND OUT!

Every year, there’s a friendly competition that’s played between 3 dogs and 3 cats.

– The friendly competition has been going on for years now.
– The winner gets to be the mayor of a Japanese virtual city.
– For years, dogs have been losing against the feline sector.

?➡️ Are ? mushrooms poisonous to dogs?

The virtual place Konyan a made-up world that’s supposed to be located somewhere in western Japan, specifically, within a real Japanese city called Shiga Prefectural city of Kona. See the relationship of the names?

Anyway, this virtual world always hold a competition that’s participated yearly by 3 cats and 3 dogs… and the winner? Whoever it is, gets to be the mayor of the Japanese virtual city!

For several years though, the dogs have become underdogs (quite literal, right)?

This year, the online voting kicked off last March, and it’s still on-going… so if you want a “good boi” to win this year, it might as well help one of the 3 canine entries to win.

The race is very exciting, especially since the price that’s up for grabs can mean so much, especially for the decision-making steps of the local imaginary government of Konyan.

Read the full details here on where and how to vote – https://mainichi.jp.