Dogs Can Chase Away Loneliness?

Is it true that dogs can chase away loneliness? Dog owners can attest that their dogs can take away their loneliness. However, there’s really no scientific grounds to believe such claims, until NOW.

*Originally published on December 23, 2020

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Champions can be Animals to Combat Loneliness


Dogs as Loneliness Busters

Pursuit of Wag

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Champions can be Animals to Combat Loneliness

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– A Public Health article was published recently and it claimed to have the answer about the dog and human relationship.
– The study aimed to find out if dogs are really essential in driving away loneliness or if it’s just all in the mind.
– You might be surprised by the outcome, or not.

Pursuit of Wag

Dogs as loneliness busters

Dogs are men’s best friends due to the fact that they are the best companion anyone could ever have! They serve their purpose in guarding their humans and they are also reliable in several other things – such as bomb-/drug-sniffing, rescue units, and even medical assistance. Aside from these numerous capabilities, dogs are actually known to help reduce stress. However, this claim has never been proven by science but new research is proving that dogs can ultimately help reduce stress in so many ways.

BMC conducted a study that included a relative number of participants who were in distress. These attendees interacted with dogs (do cuddle time and playtime) for days up to months of experimentation. Meanwhile, researchers recorded all their emotions for monitoring purposes.

Read the full article here –

It is safe to say that dogs can chase away loneliness and calm down people having panic attacks. Furthermore, our tail-wagging furry friends can surely improve our mental health and increase the level of happiness in our lives.

Pursuit of Wag