Dogs Are Evolving A Spcial Puppy Muscle?

Dogs are so much like wolves… In fact, dogs have just evolved versions of these wild creatures.

– Wolves and dogs have so many similarities.
– There are even speculations that wolves are somewhat like dogs’ ancestors.
– Let’s see how they could be related and what makes them so different too!

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Dogs’ body is essentially like that of wolves, EXCEPT of course that there are remarkable features that separate them and make dogs more… adorable… more pet-material… more friendly… and more lovable.

So, let’s examine the features that make dogs way better than wolves… there are many of course.

According to scientific observations, dogs have developed a muscle in their orbital area which is responsible for their puppy eyes appearance. This muscle did not exist before, and it definitely does not exist in wolves’ anatomical features!

So, what else do dogs have that make them a better pet animal than any other animal in the kingdom?

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