Why Does My Dog Love Me More Than Anything Else?

Wolves are scary and dogs are lovely… you’ll be surprised just how similar they are!

– Some people are afraid of wolves.
– These same people love dogs though.
– What they don’t know is, dogs and wolves are more the same than different.

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Not just in looks, but more on a genetic basis. Dogs are really related to wolves! — like big time! Scientists are looking at it through the microscope and they are seeing that dogs and wolves have 99% similarities in their genes!

As crazy as it sounds, wolves may just be the long lost family member of our pets at home.

But how will dog owners feel about that?

Most dog owners love their pets, but they just can’t stand wolves. But who can, really love these frightening creatures? However, if you look at it from a biological perspective, they really do have a lot of features in common – down to their facial features, to their teeth arrangement, to their sharp hearing, smelling, and taste senses… wolves are indeed like dogs in so many ways.

However, wolves never have what dogs have – their loyalty and their cuteness. This is probably the reason why they are the best house guards and house pets at the same time.

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