Do Dogs Tell Lies?

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Are Dogs capable of telling lies?


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Who Pooped in the Kitchen? Guilty Dogs

How to know if dogs are guilty

What if dogs do lie?

Have you ever wondered if dogs are capable of telling lies? Dog owners generally believe that their animal best friend always tells the truth.  After all, how could such an adorable creature who is willing to protect and love you unconditionally ever be dishonest? Watch the adorable duo as their owner investigated who pooped in the kitchen. Their reaction can put a smile on your face.

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Who Pooped in the Kitchen? Guilty Dogs

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In general, dogs can be considered trustworthy. They may not able able to speak the human language but man’s best friends can certainly convey emotions as humans do. According to research, instances wherein they can be deceitful is when they want to seek the attention of their owner or get something they want.


How to know if dogs tell lies or are guilty

They can be adorable, funny, playful, and obedient but at the same time, our beloved pooches can also behave badly or be sneaky and naughty. How can you tell if your dog has done something it is not supposed to do? Does your canine friend understand that the behavior or actions taken are inappropriate? Here are signs to look out for:

Avoids eye contact

On normal days (especially when it is asking for a treat), your dog would follow you around and look you in the eyes. So it is easy to spot if your dog did something wrong when it keeps looking away and avoiding your gaze.


Changes in behavior

Your usual playful and energetic pup suddenly cowers and keeps quiet as if asking for forgiveness. Or quite the opposite of its normal calm behavior, your dog unexpectedly becomes restless and keeps moving around.

No tail-wagging or tail-chasing

Dogs wag their tails (and chase their tails) when they are excited or happy. So you will know something is up if your tail-wagging buddy all of a sudden lowers its tail and freezes.

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Increase licking

Aside from the trail of a mess your naughty dog left, it may excessively lick itself. This can be attributed to stress, anxiety, or anticipation of the negative reaction coming from its owner.

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What if dogs do lie?

Since they could not talk, we can never be certain if they are deceiving us or not. However, based on the research done at the University of Zurich and as published in Psychology Today, dogs have the ability to tell lies for their self-interest. Furthermore, these canines might also have a tendency to deceive their dog owners to seek attention or get what they want. However, this does not mean that you should worry about your furry friend. For the most part, dogs are truthful and have the best intentions. Same as humans, our pooches tend to show their best foot forward. As long as we give them the love and care that they deserve, our furry friends will be at their best behavior (most of the time) and give their unconditional love and loyalty.