Could dogs help to understand brain cancer?

CANCER is one of the most mysterious diseases that humans have been suffering for years.

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awesome! animals are better than humans ???

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– Scientists are exploring the possibility that brain cancer may be easier to cure soon.
– Amidst the many discoveries in the past, there’s a new breakthrough recently.
– It involves the use of canine or dog brains to study brain cancer.

Humans and dogs may have a lot of similarities than we think. For starters, both humans and dogs are susceptible to brain cancers. This disease has been causing trouble to humans and there is very limited knowledge as to how to prevent it from happening or at the very least, to lessen the risk.

Aside from that, science also does not have a full-guarantee cure for the said disease.

However, recently, doctors are seeing the link between dogs’ brain and humans’ when it comes to the pathophysiology of brain cancer. This means that dog brains are very useful when studying cancer, especially when the dog died due to that very7 disease.

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