Are My Dog’s Years For Real?

Are My Dog Years For Real? Dog owners want their dog to live a long and healthy life, but exactly how “long” is long?

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– Dog age is computed differently than human age.
– Most dogs don’t outlive their owners, and that’s usually sad news for their owners.
– Find out how dog age is usually computed, base on the dog’s biological physiology.

A dog’s age is usually seven times more than humans. This makes dogs age biologically faster than their owners. As much as owners want their dogs to live longer than them, it’s just not possible.

If you got your dog at an early age, like when you were a child or a teenager, then your dog will probably not outlive you, if you live until you’re 60’s. Most owners would dream of having their dogs with them until their retirement age when they can finally spend more time with them at home.

If you want to maximize your time with your pet dogs, then you have to make sure that you know exactly until when they are able to live because it’s really not that long.

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Our dogs may not outlive us, but they definitely outlove us.

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