Owning A Dog Really Extends Live?

The biggest threat to human health is, believe it or not – STRESS!

Andrea Lugo writes in the comments:
Oh bless them??? they’re life savers ????= ???????????

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– Proven and tested, stress makes our cells age more times than anything!
– A lot of diseases successfully thrive in our bodies because of worrying too much.
– When stressed, our bodies release hormones that are dangerous to our cells.

Have you ever felt your body getting all stressed up and you don’t understand why but you don’t feel so good right after feeling that unpleasant emotion? Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, jealousy, pressure, and anything that leads you to worry about things – can be a stressor!

You have to stay away from things that stress you – but most of the time, it can’t be avoided. Some of the most common stressors for us involve daily tasks (in work or at home) or even other obligatory responsibilities (like bills, payables, and other dues).

So if you can’t avoid these stress-inducing factors, you might as well GET yourself A DOG – who’s best known to lessen stress! This will be the best decision you will ever make.

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