Dog punishment caused owner to face charges?

Dog left alone inside the car
Do not leave pets alone inside a hot car

Is dog punishment OK?

Dog punishment is never OK. Why? Because not only does it frighten the dog, but the dog also does not understand that you are punishing her for what she did. Although living with a dog is not always pleasant due to the fact that our canine best friends can be naughty sometimes (if not all the time!), pet owners should not resort to giving punishment for the bad behavior of the dog. In addition, punishment, if prolonged, can greatly affect the dog and may cause irreversible effects in terms of their social and emotional well-being. Remember, every dog deserves a happy home. Because if a dog owner cannot handle the challenges that a dog brings, maybe it is much better to give up the furry friend for adoption and let someone else give the love and affection that it deserves.

More so in taking care of a puppy as it demands a lot of time and effort in teaching them. A hands-on approach in training (and a lot of patience!) is required to guide them to the correct behavior. But it can be done.

However, one dog owner thought it was the only way to correct her dog’s behavioral issues.

– Neighbor begged the owner to let the dog out of the back of the car.
– Same neighbor alerted the police for fear that the animal is suffocating.
– Find out what happened to the poor animal.

How to discipline dogs without resorting to dog punishment

Punishing a dog is never a good idea. Leaving your pooch unattended in a locked vehicle on a very hot day is not only a terrible and cruel way to discipline but can also result in unfortunate events. It is never okay to punish a dog no matter how badly misbehaved they are.  Always remember that there is always a better way to the correction of a dog’s behavior. Pets are considered members of the family so maltreatment and torture should not be used. Instead, treat them with kindness and they will reciprocate with unconditional love and affection.

Family with their dog in nature
Dogs are considered part of the family. Treat them with kindness.

What happens when dogs are maltreated or tortured?

Police detained a woman from Ohio to face charges for animal cruelty after she decided to punish her dog in an unusual way. Sadly, as a result, the dog paid the price.

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