Dog Owner To Face Charges – Due To Neglect Of Pet!?

Leaving pets inside a parked car, with the windows closed, can cause such a big problem.

– Passers-by were surprised to see a dog inside a closed car parked in a South Dakota road.
– Police have immediately prompted once people noticed that the animal was suffocating.
– Find out if the poor animal was rescued.

The streets of South Dakota can turn very hot during this season. Temperatures were recorded to reach up to 80 degrees in recent days. Police officials already sent a memo to inform pet owners about the dangers of leaving their pets unattended inside parked vehicles with all the windows shut close.

Most of the time, pet owners forget the risk that is involved when leaving pets inside a closed vehicle. With the heat rising up to 70 degrees, it can easily turn to 89 degrees inside a closed vehicle.

A man from Brookings will face charges for leaving his pet inside a closed car, resulting in its untimely death after several hours of torture due to suffocation and dehydration.

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