Dog Hiccups – Are They Dangerous?

Hiccups in dogs and cats are usually due to a spasm in the diaphragm, which occurs mainly in puppies. It is usually not a symptom of anything serious. But hiccups are very unpleasant for your friend.

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Hiccups usually don’t last more than a few minutes. If it lasts longer, other symptoms such as nausea or persistent coughing may occur. In such cases, it is best to consult the vet.

Hiccups already occur during pregnancy of dogs and cats in the womb. As the puppy is gradually formed, the lungs need to move to develop.

In this womb situation, the diaphragm is trained by hiccups; in fact, hiccups are generally defined as an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm.

It’s perfectly normal for a puppy or kitten to have hiccups from time to time, but if it happens frequently, you should take your pet to the vet.

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Causes of hiccups

  • Hiccups in dogs and cats can have various causes:
  • Cold can cause hiccups, especially in puppies; and even more so when dogs are small breeds.
  • There can also be hiccups if your dog or cat eats food or water too quickly or too hastily.
  • In a similar way to humans, stress, nervousness, anxiety, and restlessness can also be the cause of hiccups.
  • Malaise and stomach problems can also cause hiccups in dogs and cats.

What helps? Home remedy for hiccups in dogs

If the dog has hiccups, anything that changes the animal’s breathing will help. Whether a fright or relaxation – what really helps exactly varies from animal to animal. The following measures may be helpful:


When eating or drinking, the breathing of the animal changes. The dog is also distracted. Usually, the hiccups go away very quickly when eating.


What helps in humans is not wrong for animals either: frightening is the best medicine for hiccups. Through the fright, the dog draws in the air briefly and violently. This striking change in the breathing rhythm makes the hiccup quickly forgotten.

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Play / Distract

Pull out Doggie’s favorite toys and distract him: Run after your beloved ball a couple of times – and your breathing will return to normal.


Bathing is also a proven household remedy for hiccups. Especially if Fiffi is not a fan of it. Normally bathing leads at least to inner rejection and resistance in the animal. This shifts the focus: the dog no longer concentrates on the hiccups, but on his resistance. This has a regulating effect.

Important: Always ask your vet, before take action!