Common Dog Disease To Watch Out For This Summer

Summer is supposed to be one of the most exciting parts of the year, but animal shelters have warnings for dog owners.

– Extreme summertime heat can become too much for pets, especially those with thick fur on their skin.
– Aside from the increased warmth, increased chances of spreading diseases are also predicted.
– The potential exposure for contagious diseases that spread through wildlife is largely linked with extreme heat.

If YOU think summer is hot, think about how hot it can be for fury animals, like dogs! This is the main reason why animal shelters are spreading the word of awareness for tall dog owners – to take extra precautions during and every summer season.

Aside from heatstroke, many contagious diseases also spread fast during the summer. An example of this is rabies. This is an unwanted virus that can be transmitted from one dog to another by the salivary exchange.

According to experts, summertime makes it easier for the virus to spread, which is why pet owners should always ensure the proper care and hygiene of their pet dogs.

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