What Are The Warning Signs Of Cancer In Dogs?


Warning signs to look out for in dogs

Could it be that dog cancer is, in the end, caused by a parasite-like creature?

– The one thing we don’t want our dogs to be is to get sick.
– Dog owners would do anything to find out what is causing their dogs to get sick.
– Dog cancer is the primary sickness that has no real cause.

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Recently, scientists were able to discover in the Himalayas the probable cause of dog cancer. The answer? It could lay all along in a parasite-like creature that causes cancer, just like in humans. This one step forward in the knowledge of dog cancers could also be beneficial in the knowledge of human cancers, as both could be highly related.


The study was conceived when they observed the growth of cancer in a heavily-coated dog trots high up in the Himalayas. This immediately prompted the researchers, when they noticed that the dog cells. A massive collection of dog tumor samples is revealing the secrets of a contagious, parasite-like cancer that could help explain human cancers too.

HIGH IN THE Himalayas, a heavy-coated dog trots.

Read the full details here – https://www.wired.com.