Dog Cancer: A Dog’s Inspiring Cancer Journey

Whatever advancements are discovered about dog cancer, can eventually help humans too.

– Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in humans.
– Cancer has no definitive known cause YET.
– Usually, scientists turn to animal research in order to find out better about human diseases as well.

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Cancer has long been existing and yet there is no definitive known cause for it. Although there are so many speculations – genetics or lifestyle; there are still so many speculations about the many possibilities as to why cancer exists.

So whenever there are breakthroughs in knowledge about animal cancers, it is also a victory for humanity since it is a step forward in finding the ultimate cure against the growth of cancer cells – in animals and in humans.

A super bowl ad recently was inspired by a true story of a dog named Scout and his journey in fighting the big C. Scout’s owner also played a very important role by never giving up on his pet dog and in always believing that better days will come, and truly, it did!


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Find out the heart-touching story of Scout in this video –