Dog Becomes Suspect For A Woman’s Death

Whenever there’s a dog attack on the news, people condone the dog. Sometimes, the entire breed even. But really, if we are to blame, who should we be pointing our fingers to?

– Dogs are meant to protect their owners.
– Sadly, sometimes, news about dog attacks can put these friendly creatures in a bad light.
– There’s an active debate online about who should be blamed whenever dogs attack innocent people.

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Your opinions matter, especially now that the online community has given everyone equal footing and equal voice. Right now, an ongoing debate is heating up, and the topic is about dog attacks and WHO’S REALLY TO BE BLAMED: The Dogs or The Owners?

Sometimes, the sad part when ONE DOG attacks, news highlights the breed, and the entire breed becomes an enemy of the nation. However, there are people who understand the situation and they blame the owners solely. Not the dog, and definitely not an entire breed.

What about you what is your opinion on this?

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