Whats The Big Difference – Cats Vs. Dogs?

Let’s face it, the main reason why we like to have pets is because of the love they give us.

– NOT all pets are created equal.
– Some pets are capable of loving their owners, such as dogs.
– Some pets, on the other hand, are more friendly and can give more comfort more than anything.

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If you are to choose among all domesticated animals, which pet would you prefer to have and why?

Most people find this question very easy to answer – simple, the automatic answer is a DOG!
Men are naturally attracted to dogs, hence the saying, “dogs are men’s best friends”. But what about the other animals? Won’t they click as good as dogs would to us? Most households have dogs as pets and that’s because most pet lovers prefer them.

It’s a given and it’s very obvious – dogs are warmer and more playful than any other pets, even cats. Cats, being the 2nd most popular pets in the world, simply can’t surpass what dogs have to offer – scientifically prove, cats are less friendlier than dogs, to humans.

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Read more evidence here why dogs are more popular than cats as household pets – https://www.nytimes.com.