The Deadly Algae – Your Dogs Could Be At Risk!

Summer’s just around the corner, what are your dogs up to?

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– Dogs love to swim and it’s in their nature to swim because their furs make their bodies warm.
– Summer is coming and the temperature is rising, our dogs will feel the harsh weather soon.
– Keep your dogs away from the deadly elements that lurk around swimming areas.

Algae, when ingested in large amounts, could pose a great danger to our dogs. It could cause severe diarrhea and this leads to dehydration. Base on experience, dogs can get seriously sick when exposed to swimming areas that are infested with algae.

This summer, make sure that before you allow your dogs to dive into any swimming areas, check and double-check that there are no reported algae cases of previous swimmers. Doing this research could help save your dog from the perils of these small but terrible killers.

Algae are naturally occurring in nature, they normally thrive when there is too much moisture in one place or when the sun does not reach the area well enough to control their growth.

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