Cute Dogs and Babies are Best Friends

cute dogs and babies are bestfriends, cute dog and baby lying on the rug

Cute dogs and babies are best friends for life. Their special relationship will be unique and can provide physical and emotional benefits for their growth and development.

Benefits of having a dog around babies

What is the number 1 advantage when you have a dog as a pet? You have a babysitter who’s on call 24/7! You can always rely on the family pet to watch over your bub. In fact, having a dog as a constant companion can be a sense of relief to parents. Another bonus would be keeping your little ones busy and entertained as their playmates are always by their side. In saying this, constant supervision is required when the baby is with the dog. You want to make sure both of them are safe when together.

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Is it safe to have a dog with a baby?

Can dogs be near a newborn baby? Generally speaking, it is okay to allow your tail-wagging friend near your newborn provided that you are there to oversee their interaction. In addition, ensure your dog is ready to meet the new addition to your family. After all, your pet can get jealous of the attention the baby is getting from you. Aside from that, it is also important to note that you should never leave them alone or unsupervised even if the dog is well-behaved.

What do I do with my dog when I have a newborn?

Having a newborn in the house will provide certain changes in your pet’s routine and surroundings. To prepare your pooch, slowly introduce the new smells and new baby items as well as their new routine even before the baby arrives. When it is finally time for the new best friends to meet, talk calmly and encourage your canine to sniff and welcome the baby. Give a treat and praise for good behavior.

Dogs and babies can live together and harmoniously. As a matter of fact, their bond provides lots of benefits as they grow side by side. Certain adjustments are made when you have a dog and a baby. Keeping both safe and happy when they are together will ensure their relationship will have a positive impact on both of their lives.

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