Who Could Imagine Doing This CRUELTY To A Dog?

Animal cruelty is rampant anywhere. South Africa has high cases of animal abuse too, just like all other countries, but alarming news broke last week about the sexual abuse of a dog.

– There are many forms of animal abuse, all of them are sad and unpleasant to see and hear.
– Animal rights advocates are searching for justice for a dog who has been through hell.
– The dog owner was reported and was said to have sexually abused his dog for years.

When the police came into the house of the dog owner who was reported to them, they saw a poor dog tied and looking so afraid and unhealthy. The dog was a mixed breed and it was obvious how much trauma the poor thing has been through. The abusive owner was immediately arrested and the dog was rescued and handed over to the animal hospital for care and recovery.

This kind of news broked the hearts of so many people in South Africa. Animal rights advocates want justice to be served for the victim to avoid this from happening again.

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