Good News – China Moves Toward Ban On Eating Of Dogs

China Moves Toward Ban On Eating Of Dogs. Dogs are very lovable, but there’s one country that used to hate these adorable creatures. Find out why!

– Known to hold its Yulin Festiva, China is one of the few countries that hated dogs.
– Yulin Festival is when Chinese people would celebrate and eat dog meat.
– This occasion has received so many backlashes from animal advocates worldwide.

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Yulin is a festival that no animal lover would want to attend. This has been happening for years and sadly no amount of protest has ever stopped. To be frank, authorities in China admit that there is really no great significance as to why China even celebrates this event.

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In recent years, due to health issues though, China has been starting to ban the consumption of dog meats and the world rejoices with this decision of theirs.

There are so many health risks involved in eating improperly cooked meat. One of which is rabies, aside from the many hygienic problems that also come with it. When China stops the Yulin Festival, it brought joy to so many pet lovers all over the world.

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