How To Convert My Dog’s Age Into Human Years Using A New Formula?

Do you ever wonder what your dog’s real health and age status is?

– Dogs can’t directly talk to us.
– Sometimes, knowing their real health condition can be a challenge.
– It’s difficult to even determine our dog’s age.

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No language barrier can stop a dog owner from loving and caring for his pet. That’s why, even though we can’t completely understand our dogs – primarily due to their inability to speak – dog owners will always find a way to meet their pet’s needs in any way possible.

One of the most difficult things to know is when our dog is in pain or if they are sick. It really becomes a guessing game for us pet owners. In fact, even our dog’s age is sometimes a guessing game, especially for new owners who are not yet used to the conversion of dog age and human age.

In the end, there’s a basic formula to follow and it’s very easy to remember.

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