How City Lockdowns Are Stressing Out Dogs And Owners Everywhere!

Everywhere we go, cities are locking down, what are the repercussions of these safety measures?

– City lockdowns are imposed because it is believed to be helpful in reducing risks.
– Whatever the reasons are, usually when cities opt for a lockdown, there are side effects.
– How are dogs and dog owners affected by these latest lockdowns in various cities?

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France has been in lockdown for quite some time now and people’s movement and travel permission has become very limited. Over time, people are learning to make their zones smaller and reduce their territorial radius as well.

This entails lessening unimportant errands, and furthermore, it means vet visits are super limited and sad to say – are NOT really considered of high priority.

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This scenario – the lack of vet access – has been doing dogs some harm and some pet owners a lot of stress!

Sickness is inevitable, of course!… and house pets still get sick, but since animal clinics are very limited and are very rarely open, pet owners are sometimes left with no choice but to seek help from someone else who might be able to cater them when they need service the most.

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