Christmas Dog Puns

2 pugs wearing christmas tree costumes; christmas tree dog costumes
Isn’t it tree-riffic?

It is that time of the year again for Christmas dog puns. Well, of course, second to the fact that it is when family and friends get together to celebrate Christmas (and pet owners give extra love to their fur babies). What better way to show our appreciation for the special role of our tail-wagging friends than listing our favorite dog sayings and dog puns for Christmas?

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Merry Christmas Dog Puns

What would a Dog Say at Christmas?

Santa Dog Puns

Dog and Christmas Puns

Christmas Pug Puns

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Merry Christmas Dog Puns

These paw-riffic dog holiday puns will surely get a dog-tastic response from dog owner friends if you use them as Instagram captions or add dog puns for Christmas cards or even cake! Hope these pawsitively funny dog puns for Christmas will brighten your howlidays and maybe encourage you to share a chuckle or two with family and friends (furry friends included).

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We wish you a Hairy Christmas!

May your Christmas be furry and bright

Merry Knitmas!

Happy Paw-lidays!

Wishin’ you the Ulti-mutt Christmas

Happy Howlidays!

Merry Christmutts!

We woof you a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a collar-ful Christmas


white dog wearing christmas reindeer headband on a furry white rug with christmas dog pun saying

Have yourself a furry little Christmas

Jingle Paws, jingle paws, jingle all the way

Have a bow-wowtiful Christmas

After another ruff year, we wish you a won-dog-ful Christmas

What would a dog say at Christmas?

If only dogs could talk, they would tell you what they think or want for Christmas. Here are some Christmas card dog puns, dog Christmas sayings, and dog Christmas play-on words that will surely match your tail-wagging friends’ emotions and wishes.

Season’s Treatings!

backview of a woman holding a white dog looking at the camera with christmas dog pun saying (1)
Please, Santa Paws

Don’t fur-get to give me a gift this Christmas!

We ruff you a barky Christmas!

I have been a furry good dog

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how tasty are your branches

Deck the halls with frisbees and ball-ies

I’ll be still in exchange for Christmas treats

Oh Christmas treat, oh Christmas treat

dog wearing a christmas hat thinking of a dog treats with christmas dog pun saying
Bone, paw-lease!

There’s no treat like a bone for the Howlidays

Wishin’ you happiness, peace, and lots of chew toys

Sealed with a pooch smooch

The snuggle is real

Please join our pack for a Christmas paw-ty

Santa Dog Puns

During the Christmas season, dog lovers find delight in dressing up their cute pooches. As a matter of fact, some pet owners would go the extra length to find matching clothes for them and their best buddies.

small dog wearing christmas costume with santa paws christmas dog puns (1)
I believe in Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws, I have been a good dog this year

Santa Paws is coming to town

Here comes Santa Claws

Dog and Christmas Puns

For your favorite dog breed, here are some specific dog breed Christmas puns:

All I want for Christmas Inu

We Shih Tzu a Merry Christmas

Dachshund through the snow

Have a happy Collie Christmas

Happy Colliedays!

Come one, come all, the more the Terrier!

Have yourself a Husky little Christmas

Deck the halls with boughs of Maltese

Basenjingle Bells

Merry Corgmas!

Christmas Pug Puns

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world so it is no wonder that there are specific Christmas holiday dog puns just for them.

Sending you pugs and kisses this holiday season

Have a pug-tastic Christmas

Sending you pug hugs

Bah, hum-pug!

Merry Pug-mas!

Christmas puns about dogs or any dog-related dog Christmas puns are always a hit. There is something about our fun-loving dogs that can bring smiles, laughter, and cheer that even Grinch can’t help but force a smile or two. Their unconditional love, happy-go-lucky selves, and silly antics always melt and captivate our hearts. They surely have that magic. Hoping your Christmas is truly paw-some!

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