Would You Choose Your Dog Over Your Partner? These People Would!

A popular video is circulating online, and it’s simply heart-warming to see.

– Pets are part of the family.
– According to research, most couples treat pets like children.
– Some people would reportedly choose their pets over their partner on any given day.

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In the famous youtube video, pets are seen to be “stealing” their owners away from human partners… and the pets don’t even show any shame or remorse the entire time! The video earned so many likes and praises because it’s simply adorable.

The expressions of the displaced partners are even priceless adding the expression of the pets. The video is really viral material.

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In real life, people are reportedly willing to choose their pets over their partners. When a couple has a dog and the two splits, the first question that they want to settle is “who gets to keep the dog?” People are willing to fight over this matter just to make sure that they get full custody of their pets after a bitter separation.